What gifts, what hope and love do you have that you want to put into action? What skills do you ache to use, and ideas to express? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit burning deep within — but feel unsure as to how to actualize your vision? The MAMA HOPE Global Advocate Fellowship aims to support your professional growth — learning how to fund and launch sustainable programs in partnership with communities around the globe. In our unique 9 month program, you’ll explore:

What Drives You, Drives the World

Whether you’re passionate about Women & Girls’ issues, sustainable agriculture, water, food security, medicine, or finance — skills and passions that keep you up at night are in demand in emerging economies. Click below to view the program overview and learn more about the skills currently sought for upcoming projects.

The Global Advocate Fellowship is Not Adventure Travel

Applicants should understand that our program is not a light undertaking. We have high expectations for applicants; most importantly because we seek to protect the values and integrity of our partners around the globe. Participants should have the time to spend 20 or more hours per week through months 1–3 of the program, through classroom assignments and fundraising efforts; then be able to spend 3 full months embedded in often remote areas of Africa, Central America, or Asia. An incredible level of self-awareness and adaptability are hallmarks of our most successful participants. It helps, though is not a requirement, that applicants have some amount of global travel experience; giving them a sense of climate and conditions that make this journey a ladder for true awakening of spirit and personal strength.