We believe in creating a world where ...
Each individual has access to the resources they need to live happy & healthy lives.
We are not driven by jealousy & competition, but by love & collaboration.
We see people across deserts and oceans as our allies & sisters, not strangers or enemies.
True change comes from the shift from leadership to partnership.
All resources, ideas & skills should be shared with abundance.
a culture of giving isn't a trend, but a core characteristic of our society.
We believe in creating an organization that ...
Will change the way that the world sees poverty.
Enables visionaries to use their passion to change the world.
Will shift the power structures of development from top down to eye level.
Believes respect, dignity & trust are as crucial to the success of our projects
As the bricks that build them.


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Our model is Connected Development and it starts with listening. That means every project is 100% unique to the needs of the partner community. We don’t believe that there are one-size-fits-all solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Instead, we leave it to the communities to tell us what they need and build varied solutions that are as diverse as the partners we serve. By the numbers, we have completed 50+ projects in 4 countries and have impacted more than 150,000 lives in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda.

Become a Mama Hope Global Advocate

Mama Hope Fellows (Advocates) are professional representatives on the ground. Their contribution makes a difference in their careers, their communities and the world.

Meet Ash

  • 22 year old graduate from Bond University in Australia
  • Passion for women’s health and girls’ empowerment
  • Raised $23,442 to create a Community Training Center in Budondo, Uganda
  • Impacting a community of 26,000 people

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