Mama Hope believes every human has the capacity to become a global leader — regardless of his or her birth. We see communities around the globe rising together, hand-in-hand to identify and address their own needs. We also see a broken “aid” community — built on old infrastructure, biases and approaches — who leave, often quite literally, shells of buildings empty; with hearts and hopes more damaged than had they been left alone.

Mama Hope was formed in direct response to this incredibly abundant moment in human history. We’re here to help connect human to human, skill to skill, at eye-level. When we connect authentically, we can all transform.

Mama Hope trains impact entrepreneurs from around the world through our Global Advocate Program. Our Advocates partner with visionary leaders in rural African and Central American communities and in partnership they fund and build community-identified sustainable projects using 100% local resources.

Since 2011, 72 impact entrepreneurs have been trained and they have raised $1.4M to fund over 99 projects that have improved the health, education, food, water security, and livelihoods of over 180,000 people in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, and Guatemala. The goal is that each of the communities we work with will become financially sustainable, generating enough income to operate independent of foreign aid.

MAMA HOPE is on a mission to support global entrepreneurship as a path to ending extreme poverty.
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We are now partnering with non-profits across the US to scale the Global Advocate Program to foster connections between grassroots organizations and empower millions worldwide to disrupt the cycle of poverty.