MAMA HOPE is championing community-led change.

MAMA HOPE nurtures the work of community-led organizations around the world. We help to ensure that they have the freedom and the resources they need to change lives in their communities and build a better future for generations to come. We also provide a platform for their voices to be heard through the cultivation of a global community of individuals and organizations advocating for their work and for the use of ethical storytelling.

Our work begins with support for local entrepreneurs:

MAMA HOPE Provides Financial & Project Management Training

Adaptive Programmatic

MAMA HOPE Provides Entrepreneurial Funding


MAMA HOPE Supports Holistic, Sustainable Projects

Sustainable Projects

Dr. Elizabeth Sekwiha has grown her school, Queen Elizabeth Academy in Tanzania to support hundreds of children. We support her vision with investment, project and business consulting.

9 Countries and 28 Communities since 2008

In 2022 we are working with 12 community-led organizations in 5 countries.

$4M invested and over 280,000 directly impacted!

Because our initiatives are community-led,
our projects are as diverse as the communities we serve.


Types of Holistic


Community-Led Initiatives


of Projects Still Functioning

2.5 million

People Provided with Access to Services

It also means our projects have staying power. When communities drive their own progress, it shows.

  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Water & Sanitation

    Water & Sanitation

  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Healthcare


  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Education


  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Livelihoods


  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Arts & Culture

    Arts & Culture

  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Children & Youth

    Children & Youth

  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Food Security

    Food Security

  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Renewable Solar Energy

    Clean Energy

  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Homes & Housing


  • MAMA HOPE Impact Area - Gender Equity

    Gender Equity

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