Central to MAMA HOPE’s approach is ensuring that this process of system strengthening and increasing access to services and opportunities is implemented in a way that ensures its impact lasts for generations. Community partners’ control over funds, and the power and resilience they gain, as a result, is a central priority for MAMA HOPE.

Annual Report

More than a Buzzword

At MAMA HOPE, we don’t just pay lip service to localization – it’s a core value that guides everything we do. For years, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting and funding grassroots leaders who are making a difference in their communities.

We believe that the best way to solve a problem is to turn to the people who are most affected by it. That’s why we work closely with local leaders and community members to address the complex cultural and societal issues that impact their lives.

Our grassroots leaders are the dreamers, founders, and change-makers who are driving real change in communities around the world. They are vetted by the people they serve and work tirelessly to create a better future for everyone.

A Story on Localization

As a child, Dr. Kilines Sekwihas’ parents saw her love for learning and sacrificed to keep her in school. It was typical in her village for underage girls to get married and for boys to herd cattle. This led to her excelling in her studies which led her to attend the University of Dar es Salam for her Bachelor’s & Master’s then later for her PhD in Edinburgh. Currently, she is a lecturer at her Tanzanian alma mater.

When she returned home, together with her family, she saw a need for quality education. Through support from the community such as in the provision of free land, they started the Queen Elizabeth Academy (QEA). The school has been a beacon of hope to the Mlali community, by providing quality education to underserved children. Currently, the school is one of the best English medium schools in the District, with one of their teachers being the best performing in their District.

QEA has engaged the mothers of students in permaculture training, uplifting the community’s food security situation while improving nutrition and health.

Model in Action

Our partnership with St. Timothy’s School in Moshi run by Tanzania Children’s Concern (TCC) is an example of what’s possible when we invest in holistic projects based on entrepreneurship.

Founders Bishop James and his wife Madam Beatrice have led incredible growth; from a classroom under a tree to a top-rated school and several connected businesses that employ 40 people.

St. Timothy’s now locally generates 100% of the funds they need to educate over 467 students each year.

  • $131,726 Raised through Entrepreneurial Projects
  • $108,268 Reinvested in Education for 467 Students
  • $23,458 Reinvested in School Facilities

12 Classrooms | 2 Staff Quarters | 20 Bathrooms

5 School Buses | 2 Water Tanks | School Farm

Computer Lab Expansion | 9 Months Worth of Nutrition