Alice Mathew has made a commitment to transform the lives of children in her home in Tanzania — providing not just shelter, but a home — built with love, hope, faith and excellence. She takes in children left abused and neglected from poverty and the HIV/AIDs epidemic, and gives them an opportunity to grow into healthy, self-reliant community members.





A message from Alice Mathew, Founder & Director

“My name is Alice Mathew and I am the Director of Glorious School and Orphans Care in Arusha, Tanzania. I work alongside my husband Julius and the teachers, cooks, and workers who keep Glorious going.

I began as a volunteer with Care International, and during my time working with them I saw that there were many parents dying here in Arusha, leaving children behind who would suffer in many ways. This realisation moved me to start a nursery to reduce the time that these children had to spend in dangerous situations and to give them an education. This nursery grew into what is now the Glorious School, and it continues to grow and grow.

I do this work because I believe that every child has basic rights: to have an education, to be safe from disease, to have clothes to wear, food to eat and the chance to achieve their dreams.”


In 2009, Glorious started with 30 children in a small shack. Today there are over 300 students enrolled across two campuses. There are 9 classes: Baby Class, Middle, Nursery and Primary 1–6. About 50% of the children attending Glorious are unable to pay school fees, and thus, would otherwise not be able to attend if not for the support that Glorious provides. Glorious provides all students with quality education, two daily meals (that’s 2,000 nutritious meals per week!), water, healthcare and a safe haven.

The school is a hub of opportunity, where children can both find and be role-models and where adults can attend classes to help them to secure employment. Glorious helps the community access employment opportunities and microloans, as well as clean water during the dry season. At Glorious, young and old alike can begin to develop a new vision for their future beyond the confines of their past.

3-Year Goals

Currently, the students at Glorious range in age from 3-13. Glorious plans to build their facilities so that they can grow alongside their students. By 2020, they hope to add an additional 600 students and to provide education for children up to age 18. Adding more classrooms will allow Glorious to accept more paying students, contributing to the overall sustainability of the school. As part of this expansion, Alice plans to develop various vocational trajectories in hospitality, agriculture, and the arts which would prepare children for careers in the local economy.

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Sustainability Projects

We are building to our 3-year goals through a combination of income-generating projects. Here's what we're developing right now.

Widows Beading Project

The Widows Beading Project employs HIV-positive women who make jewelry. Glorious purchases the jewelry for fair market value and then sells it outside Tanzania.

Glorious Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN)

GWEN provides the mothers and female guardians of children attending Glorious school access to microloans to start small businesses.

Global Advocate Contributions

At Glorious Tanzania, Global Advocates have brought funding for the construction of many classroom blocks, the purchase of several school busses, and the establishment of women-run small businesses. In 2017, two school campuses accommodated over 300 children. Next, the team at Glorious will launch and scale an affordable housing project, and expand their classrooms to accommodate hundreds more students. Can you support their incredible work? Are you up for it? Click to learn more or apply today.

In Our Partners' Words

“We have passion and potential. When we look at ourselves positively, we can make the most progress. Our dream is to transform our community through education.” — Alice