Budondo Intercultural Center

The Budondo Intercultural Center provides healthcare to a region of 400,000 people who would otherwise not have access.




A message from Bernard Mukisa, Founder

“My name is Bernard Mukisa, and together with my wife Teopista, we are proud to share with you the Suubi Health Centre. Our dream itself is very simple — we wish to eliminate deaths from preventable conditions, and to help our community to thrive in the face of difficult economic and environmental realities. Like many entrepreneurs, my story includes a long period of hard work and learning, and now my path is to lead and to drive the process, by being an example and inspiring and encouraging others working on the project to turn their own spoke of the wheel.

I came from a very poor family background, I would have dropped out of school if not for a teacher who offered to pay my school fees. He supported me to train as a primary teacher. Another person helped me get into University. Then another person helped me find a scholarship to study in Russia. At every crossing, there was somebody to help me, and now I can help my community.”


On its mission to empower individuals and families to lead healthy and productive lives, BIC’s model is centered around the wellbeing of all people in the community through a three-tier program strategy. The primary program – Suubi Health Center, provides not only access to quality and affordable maternal and child care but also general health services to the public. The second program – Sustainability plan, is increasing locally generated income that powers the operational cost at Suubi and increasing household income among families. The third program – Population, Health and Environment, improves livelihoods among families by improving food security, household income through agriculture, environmental protection through tree planting and soil conservation.

3-Year Goals

Maternity Ward

Suubi’s next major project is a new maternity ward that will help expand their services to 400,000 people. The closest hospital is nearly 25km away, and since Suubi has a reputation for high-quality care in the region, the clinic is receiving more patients than they can help every day. These new facilities will help ensure that Suubi will be able to support everyone with the highest level of integrity and quality.

Sustainability Projects

We are building to our 3-year goals through a combination of income-generating projects. Here's what we're developing right now.

Budondo Community Hall

The Budondo Community Hall is the only multipurpose building of it’s size in the region, with a capacity for 1,000 people. It is a space where community members can gather for myriad needs and engage in dialogue over the pressing issues facing their community. It is a safe space for women and girls’ education initiatives. It doubles as a space for entrepreneurial projects, sporting events, film screenings, weddings, conferences, seminars, and more, which generate income for Suubi Health Center’s immediate needs. Additionally, three of the hall’s shop units are used as staff quarters. This hall is intended to be at the heart of the community for generations to come.

Sustainable Agriculture

Intended to create a sustainable funding source to pay the salaries of the Suubi staff, Suubi has purchased land on which to grow maize, beans, and other crops to sell. Eventually they will purchase a mill so that the maize can be turned into flour as a value-added product. An additional permagarden will yield maize, beans, green pepper, soy, eggplant, watermelon, and more to be sold at local markets.