United States

While MAMA HOPE has traditionally collaborated with partners in Africa, Central America and Asia, we have recognized the importance of supporting like-minded individuals and organizations in the United States as well. We have supported organizations with 3 program options, and are always interested in collaborating with others that want to scale their organization and impact, improve fundraising, or rethink their approach to marketing. Contact us with your ideas.

Jania Massey, our first US-based Global Advocate, has made a big impact in the lives of youth in her community, with empowerment programs and mentorship.


MAMA HOPE conducts on-site and remote training programs in the areas of fundraising, sustainability and nonprofit marketing. Contact us for a sample curriculum, or to discuss your objectives and how we can create a custom program for your team.

Nonprofit Marketing
As part of our mission to Stop the Pity, Unlock the Potential, we aim to support charitable organizations in examining their own storytelling, and whether human dignity has been exchanged to create an (unnecessary) shock and awe factor in their media. Through a series of activities and conversations, we explore how we can identify our own savior-based storytelling, and how we can shift the dialog.

Fundraising & Sustainability
MAMA HOPE has a unique and effective approach to coaching individuals and teams through the fundraising process. In our workshops, we explore how to identify and mobilize networks, and also how we can ensure funds are used to best advantage by the communities served.

Global Advocates

MAMA HOPE Global Advocates are a highly trained, next generation workforce that are available for placements within US-based nonprofits, to assist in areas of strategic planning, fundraising, and program execution. Global Advocates come from diverse, global backgrounds and arrive with 4 months of online and in-person classwork that grounds them in the fundamentals of human-centered development practices. Advocates arrived armed with a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of best practices in servant leadership and fundraising. As part of their training program, Advocates raise up to $20,000 to go directly to the nonprofit’s goals. Inquire today about how MAMA HOPE can support your organization in scaling its impact.


MAMA HOPE can support your organization in building capacity, ensuring quality and consistency, and expanding your impact. After a formal application process, partners receive support from our sustainability team and the opportunity to possibly be included in grant proposals. We offer customized mentorship to help meet a diverse array of needs. Nonprofit founders may also participate in our Executive Advocate Fellowship program; a customized version of our Global Advocate program that helps founders refine their why, their focus, and to harness their passion for change — at scale.