Tanzania is one of the largest countries in the region, and holds three of the seven natural wonders of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti Migrations and the Ngorongoro Crater. It’s massive skies, breathtaking landscapes and rich flora and fauna make Tanzania one of Africa’s main tourist destinations.

The population of Tanzania is 48,262,000 and is made up of over 120 different ethnic groups and languages. After gaining independence from Britain in 1961, Tanzania was lead by Julius Nyerere, who guided the country through decades of socialism. Many Tanzanians call him ‘Father of the Nation’ and say that Nyerere’s legacy has been a united Tanzania and a remarkable lack of internal conflict, with Tanzania remaining the most politically stable country in the region.

Despite this stability however, 80% of Tanzanians still live at subsistence levels and struggle to access their basic needs. Tanzania’s literacy rate is 68% and the life expectancy is 61 years.

Tanzanians pride themselves on their unity, openness and strong social bonds and this is played out in the many informal economies that have organically arisen without outside intervention, to help ensure that everyone has access to what they need. Many Tanzanian change-makers have built upon these strengths to provide home-grown and innovative solutions to the problems that their communities are facing.

Mama Hope has partnered with four such visionaries in Tanzania, all of whom are powerful examples of the Tanzanian ability to unify and mobilize communities around important issues and make huge impacts as a result.