University Partnerships

MAMA HOPE connects students to global communities through exciting learning and exchange programs



Campus Recruiting

Our Global Advocate program is a perfect opportunity for recent undergrads & graduate students who are looking to put their learning into practice. Youthful energy and an open mindset are key for success as a Global Advocate. We are currently seeking opportunities to connect with students — through live and virtual campus events and publications. Contact us to start a conversation today!

Speaking Opportunities

MAMA HOPE Founder & CEO Nyla Rodgers has over 15 years experience leading social impact programs around the globe. She holds a BA in Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara, and a Masters in Peace & Conflict Transformation from the European University of Peace Studies. Contact us to arrange a speaking engagement with Nyla.

MAMA HOPE Founder & CEO Nyla Rodgers

Class Sponsorships

Create an international program for your students that goes beyond a semester abroad. Our Global Advocate model provides the perfect framework to align your advanced degree program — whether it’s in engineering, energy, education, child development, health, finance/business, or media — with communities that need your talented students. Contact us to inquire about Global Advocate class sponsorship opportunities.

Degree Program Partnerships

As an extension to our Curriculum Sharing program, we also engage with colleges and universities to provide semester-long, for-credit programs. Coursework typically falls within international relations, international development, cultural programs, or African studies programs. Inquire today about custom curriculum development opportunities.

Curriculum Sharing

MAMA HOPE has partnered with colleges and universities to provide curriculum in the areas of: human centered design, global development, international program management, fundraising, and international relations. Contact us for more information.