Media Partnerships

Part of our mission as an organization is to amplify the voices of our partner communities. Our high-impact media programs are inspired and envisioned by our partners; we share them in order to bring their ideas to global audiences. Through video projects, long form articles, photo essays and infographics, we seek to break barriers — and together, we’re shifting perceptions, shedding broken patterns of awareness, and practicing radical compassion. Ultimately, this work will create stronger global connections.

Thanks to constant on-the-ground access, deep knowledge of the impacted areas, and long-term, trusting relationships, we’re able to capture stories and insights that go far beyond the expected. MAMA HOPE can bring your media organization an intimate connection to the people and stories that matter.

Our voice is confident and purposeful because our message and vision are clear. We want the world to connect more deeply and more honestly than ever before because we believe that, through this new level of trust, we will finally bring an end to extreme poverty.

If you’re interested in helping build this movement — to change perceptions and foster global awakening, please contact us to start a conversation.

Please also learn more about some of our current media programs: Stop the Pity & Media Residency

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