We share a vision for global prosperity — so why aren’t we working together yet?


Nonprofit Partnerships

Accelerate your work with our network! Some of our nonprofit partners are in-country, community-initiated organizations that work squarely on behalf of the local population; others are US-based entities that bring fundraising for communities; still others have a special focus for impact and investment. We believe this diversity is a good thing — if we can all find ways to collaborate. Traditionally, organizations have competed for resources and attention, but we’re flipping that model, and fostering collaboration.

Grassroots Community Partnerships

Direct relationships with local community leaders is the spark that launched MAMA HOPE over 10 years ago. With long-standing friendships across the globe, we are always looking for new entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their growth, and to fine-tune their sustainability plans.

Media Partnerships

Part of our mission is to reset the narrative about poverty and to foster greater empathy and understanding. Help us broadcast our communities’ voices, get content for your site, or develop something new in partnership with us.

University Partnerships

Let us bring a great curriculum on progressive global development techniques to your school! We  also offer incredible post-graduate development learning opportunities to your students.

Brand Partnerships

We believe in the triple bottom line — people, planet, profit. Join us for co-brand opportunities or direct sponsorship and make positive impact with your company!