Media Residency Program

The Chance of a Lifetime for Storytellers With a Passion for Social Impact

MAMA HOPE helps people to create their own sustainable prosperity. While doing this work we constantly come across beautiful stories to tell — and we have created deep bonds with the people in our partner communities. We believe that their voices should be the ones to tell their own stories, and thus began our Media Residency. We’re inviting talented photographers, videographers, illustrators, and storytellers a once in a lifetime chance to put their skills to work in the field and help amplify our partner’s voices so they can be heard around the world.

We have no prescribed curriculum or editorial requirement for Media Residents. Instead, we are looking for individuals with a strong and growing portfolio, who are flexible and curious, and that can help shape the future of how the world connects with people in our partners. Your vision and your work will be published and promoted by MAMA HOPE, giving your talents a platform to create meaningful and lasting social impact. We invite students and professionals alike to apply.



Under the Tree by Ryan LeCluyse

Ryan’s interactive mini-documentary series follows entrepreneurs in 3 of our partner communities in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya as they turn their visions for the future into the reality for their communities. This powerful series captures not only the challenges and the spirit of people in emerging economies — it provides a beautiful visual context for their dreams, struggles and triumphs.

MAMA HOPE Media Residency Sample: Ryan LeCluyse Under the Tree Documentary

Tom Kubik Photography

Tom Kubik joined MAMA HOPE in 2015, capturing beautiful images of daily life in the region — such as sugar cane harvest season and a health outreach day at the new Suubi Health Centre. He traveled with our founder Nyla Rodgers to all our East Africa projects, and documented our first partner sustainability conference in Nairobi. Tom came to us with a global perspective, having lived around the US and traveled the world before joining our team, and a beautiful body of work covering Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements. You’ll see Tom’s work throughout our website!

MAMA HOPE Media Residency Sample: Tom Kubik Photography

Ryan MacDowell & Will Niaves

Ryan and Will traveled to Will’s home of Ghana in 2016 to capture the great developments of our partner, the United Hearts Childrens’ Center. They also had a chance to attend our 2016 Sustainability Conference in Nairobi.

MAMA HOPE Media Residency Sample: Ryan MacDowell & Will Niaves

Kendelyn Ouellette

Kendelyn graduated in 2014 from Concoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC. While in school she spend two summers working as a writer and photojournalist in Iraq, and has worked for the past two years as a producer/editor for Emmy award winning photographer Joshua Cogan. Her work with MAMA HOPE has helped deepen her ability to connect with underrepresented women, to help bring their stories to a wider audience.

MAMA HOPE Media Residency Sample: Kendelyn Oullette Photography