The MAMA HOPE Difference:

Highly Refined Placements, Specialized Training & A Unique Approach

A Unique, Custom Match Process for Project Placement

One of the first questions we always get is: “Where will I go for full-time placement?”. The answer is that we work with you and our communities to understand experience and needs, then we do our best to create a great match. We have 13 community partners in 5 countries, and we’re growing every year — so there are many possible outcomes for you. We match your experience and interests with our on the ground projects and opportunities, to help ensure both the Advocate and our partners have the best possible working relationship. It’s better for you, and better for communities to have this unique matchmaking process, and it is unique among development fellowship programs. You’ll see in our rigorous application and interview process that we work to understand you as well as we know our partners, so we can ensure that a great match is made.

Class 12 Advocate Megan Sonier had a passion for permaculture. We were able to place her with a partner in Kenya that sought to expand their permaculture projects to help ensure sustainability for the school and community. Megan used her planning and implementation experience in farming, as well as her Advocate curriculum work while she was in country. The work she was doing was so heartfelt, her community at home was 100% behind her in her project and helped connect them to the community in Kenya. Aligning the stars to connect passions and progress is part of what makes our program unique. We’re here to help everyone reach their greatest potential.

Specialized Training & Mentorship Throughout Your Experience

For MAMA HOPE, our partners’ well-being is paramount, and so we work hard to ensure advocates have the social emotional and practical skills needed to tread lightly, respectfully, and still make a major impact. And once in the field, Advocates’ mentorship continues — with staff always on hand to support with answers, or a shoulder to lean on when cultural differences feel unfamiliar and disorienting. Our model is a unique mix of experience, mentorship, training and placement.

A Unique Mindset

MAMA HOPE maintains uniquely connected relationships with our community partners; we are truly one big, dynamic family. This is because we approach all our partners as friends first, and project collaborators second. As a result, our partners extend to us, and each of our Global Advocates, a warm and loving family-style welcome. As an Advocate, you will stay in their homes, you’ll find them tending to you if you fall sick, they’ll check in on you years after you’ve left the program.

It sounds odd to say, but this close and curated relationship with loving introductions is not the norm with fellowships that are business oriented. You will become part of their community, and all the while, you’ll have access to the MAMA HOPE programs and Advocate staff to help ensure you’re finding your way through your time in country.

We are here to help you succeed — in your time in country, during your curriculum training, and even after — as you transition back and begin on your journey to your future career. How can we help you find yourself a world away? Contact us to open a conversation today!

Global Advocates James Kirima, Mercy Mushi, and Aika Nkya