Program for East Africans

East Africa Global Advocates are part of a new generation of social entrepreneurs with a vision for change in their own region. Their energy is in demand and we are looking to harness it and grow it.


East Africa is bursting with young minds, looking to improve the lives of their own communities in innovative ways. After the huge success of it’s Global Advocate Program, Mama Hope has now adapted its unique model to train East African social entrepreneurs. These passionate individuals take part in an immersive training, being placed with the visionary leaders of Mama Hope’s partner organizations in the region, where they are together developing impactful programs that will enable both the advocates and communities to thrive.

Each advocate spends a year with one of Mama Hope’s Community Based Organizations, developing programs and providing support to grow the impact of their work. Throughout the year, the advocates take part in trainings as well a making visits to other impactful organizations around East Africa to grow their knowledge and help them become more effective community leaders.

Applications are due June 8, 2018.
Apply today! Here’s How:

Download and complete the application. Please also download the overview of currently available roles in East Africa.

Submit the following materials via mail to both AND

  1. Application Form
  2. CV / Resume
  3. Certificates of any secondary schools, colleges, or universities you attended.
  4. Two letters of recommendation from someone who has known you in an academic, professional, volunteer, or extracurricular capacity in the past 4 years. We will not accept recommendations from friends or family members. Contact information (phone, mailing address, and email address if available) of each person writing the recommendation should be included.
  5. In your application email please specify which position (WOY, BIC) you are interested in and include a short paragraph explaining how your experience and skills apply.

Each advocate spends a year with one of MAMA HOPE’s Community Based Organizations, developing programs and providing support to grow the impact of their work. Throughout the year, the advocates take part in trainings as well a making visits to other impactful organizations around East Africa to grow their knowledge and help them become more effective community leaders.

 “I always knew that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my community, but I never had a clear idea about how to effectively do it. Now, because of this program, and the things that I have learnt, I know what I have to do”. — James Kirima

Julita Kessey

Partner Organization: White Orange Youth, Moshi, Tanzania
Project: Free To Dream Girls Program

Julita has a degree in community development and project planning, but her career in social good work began when she was fifteen years old and started encouraging her friends to join her in doing service projects for her neighbors. She gives much of the credit for her passion for girls education to her mother, who worked incredibly hard to ensure that she and her brothers received an education. Julita saw how much education transformed her ability and the ability of her brother John — the founder of WOY — to help their community. As a direct result of her lived experience, she believes that enabling women and girls is a powerful way to create exponential positive impact.

As a Mama Hope Global Advocate, Julita Kessy is working on her ‘Free to Dream’ program with our partner White Orange Youth (WOY) in Moshi, Tanzania. The program engages girls who have dropped out of education in a group setting where they develop their own businesses, group activities and receive mentorship and trainings over a whole year. Her aim is to encourage a generation of girls in Tanzania to speak up, feel empowered and meaningfully engage in the discussions and decisions that affect their lives. Julita is thoughtful, sharp and determined. We have already seen the impact Julita’s mentorship is making in the lives of the girls in her group – they are engaged, hopeful and already learning their own power to make change in both their lives and the lives of others. We can’t wait to see what is yet to come!

Vincent Adede Owalla

Partner Organisation: Our Lady of Perpetual Support, Kisumu, Kenya
Project: Kisumu Children’s Rescue Center School

Vincent is a blogger, teacher, a community and political activist, a poet and a passionate fighter for educational rights and environmental conservation. Growing up in a rural fishing village, Vincent would fish in between his lessons so that he could afford the books he needed for school. After completing school and qualifying as a teacher, Vincent looked back to his village and, with the help of a few friends, set up the ‘Rural Book Bank Foundation’ by collecting and distributing books to rural schools in his home area. Later, they even set up libraries. After leaving this project in the hands of the community members, he began volunteering for OLPS and has been a vital member of their team ever since. As a Mama Hope Global Advocate, Vincent is working with our partners OLPS in Kisumu Kenya on fundraising and planning for the Kisumu Children’s Rescue Center school, including the physical building, educational resources and curriculum. Vincent has an infectious laugh, a wonderful teaching style and a whole lot of energy. It feels as though his potential for impact and involvement is endless.

Kennedy Odera

Partner Organization: Riley Orton Foundation (Akili Preparatory School), Kisumu, Kenya

Kennedy grew up with his parents who were fishmongers in Obunga Slum in Kisumu, and always had a passion for football (or as Americans insist on calling it, soccer). He took every chance possible to get to the pitch and play, despite many attempts made by his mother to bring him back home to help her work. Sport, for Kennedy, was transformative. It gave him a dream, a place to be, a community and a purpose. He is passionate about sharing that with others, especially children growing up in Obunga today. After finishing secondary school, Kennedy moved to Nairobi and discovered organisations working through sports to change lives and protect the environment. He was inspired to move his life in that direction. After connecting with David and Erick at Akili, he was able to start putting what he learned in Nairobi into practice.

Kennedy is passionate and creative and comes alive when coaching kids. We have seen him put all of these characteristics to effective use as a Global Advocate, building the sports program for girls at Akili School, and now also at two other schools in Obunga village. Using an holistic approach, sessions involve health and fitness education, team building, confidence building, life skills development, menstrual hygiene education and more. It is making a meaningful impact on the girls at Akili and in the entire Obunga community. Kennedy says that his mother is now very proud of him and looking back, can see the value in all of those hours he spent kicking a ball around.

“I believe in elevating girls to become powerful women of the next generation.” — Julita Kessey

The East Africa Global Advocate Program Accelerates Careers

Designed specifically for residents of East Africa, this program helps provide practical skills and on-the-ground experience for the leaders of tomorrow. During the training program, participants  have access to MAMA HOPE’s global network of change makers, all with deep experience in the region and in human centered development.

We’re looking for people with vision, self-motivation and a proven dedication to their community to join in creating a future we can all be proud of. Are you ready for the chance of a lifetime? Contact us for more information about 2017-2018 opportunities.