Program Curriculum

The Global Advocate Program is a rigorous and immersive 8-month social change training program designed for results-oriented individuals with a passion for global impact. Fellows are carefully matched with community based organizations in one of five countries, where they’ll support community-led development initiatives.


The first 3 months of the program include virtual curriculum sessions on personal development, decolonizing development, fundraising, ethical storytelling, monitoring and evaluation, and more.

Our training kicks off with a 5 day in-person training, where Advocates take part in sessions led by Mama Hope staff, past Advocates, highly acclaimed consultants, and more. 

International and National Advocates are paired together and introduced to the Mama Hope partner organization they will spend the next 8 months supporting. Advocate pairs run a fundraising campaign together, raising a minimum of $25,000 USD to support the work of their partner organization. Contributions of local assets and in-kind donations are included towards this goal. Advocates will also communicate regularly with their partner organization during this time to familiarize themselves with their work and the community they serve. 


In the second 3 months of the program, Advocates begin full-time work at their partner placements in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana or Guatemala. With assistance from Mama Hope staff, Advocates and partners create work plans that align with the current needs of the partner organization. This may involve ongoing support in partner-identified areas and focus on skill-sharing in the Advocates’ areas of expertise. Advocates will also broadcast their experiences to their networks via social media, blogs and regular updates to their families and Mama Hope supporters.


Advocates are required to live within the community they serve in order to gain stronger insight and build deeper relationships.


Global Advocates complete a curriculum focused on career development, self-reflection, and evaluation of ethical careers in international development. Together, pairs complete a final presentation, including a storytelling element to continue advocating for the work of their partner community.

Finally, Mama Hope staff prepares Advocates to take the next steps in their professional development, whether that’s job searching, applying for advanced degrees, or starting their own organizations or companies. Many Advocates graduate to careers in public and nonprofit sectors, where they bring awareness to transformative approaches to social justice.

Skills Needed In Partner Communities