Careers Launched & Transformed

Graduates of the Global Advocate Program become part of a worldwide network of organizations and individuals advocating for community-led change. They are currently pursuing incredible futures as community leaders. Many continue on an NGO track — starting their own nonprofit or supporting existing organizations; while others go on to do social impact work at corporations; and still others find a calling to pursue advanced degrees. With 8 months of immersive training, your future will be yours to write.

Alumnae Board: Peer Mentorship

As part of our commitment to building a powerful, globally-minded and engaged community, we have launched the MAMA HOPE Global Advocate board. The board consists of past Advocates who meet on an ongoing basis, to help refine the program and provide mentorship to current participants. The Advocate board is an on-call support network to answer questions about the program — whether you’re in the field, or looking to land your first post-program job. Participation in the board after graduation is on a select basis, and is not a required part of the program.


To learn more about the Global Advocate Program from an alumni of the Global Advocate Program, email or look back at alumni blog posts here

Some Global Advocate Alumnae work at Corporations like Google
Some Global Advocate Alumnae work at other NGOs like Educate!
Some Global Advocate Alumnae work at other NGOs like Unicef
Some Global Advocate Alumnae work at NGOs like Engineers Without Borders