Gain Skills & Experience in Community-Led Sustainable Growth

Do you believe that providing young leaders around the world with opportunities to practice and learn community-led development from grassroots leaders can transform the way development is done?

Do you believe that mutual respect, trust, listening, and collaboration are essential characteristics for individual development workers?

Do you believe that all resources, ideas, and skills around the globe should be shared with abundance?

Do you believe that the narratives widely told about people living in low income countries need to be corrected?

Build With Us

We began the Global Advocate Program to train a generation of social change workers to become ambassadors for and practitioners of, community led development and ethical representation. Since 2014, through mutual respect, listening and collaboration 118 Global Advocates have contributed to community-led projects in dozens of impact areas — like water, health, permaculture, and education.

Learn With Us

During our 8-month program, we dive deep into project development, monitoring & evaluation, asset-based community development, fundraising, leadership development, cross-cultural communication, advocacy and ethical storytelling , impact reporting, sustainability and servant leadership. This unique curriculum provides real understanding of the benefits of community led-development and the skills to work effectively and ethically in future endeavours.

Grow With Us

As a Global Advocate, you will be helping to foster a shift in consciousness and empathy in how the world connects with communities the world over. You will also help expand capacity at MAMA HOPE’s partner sites — unlocking the potential of people worldwide and joining a network of organizations and individuals advocating for community led change.

 90% of Global Advocates report that their participation in the Global Advocate Program was essential to success in their current job or graduate program.
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