Become a Change Agent

Our partners are Change Agents in each of their communities around the world. Join them, join us and Invest in change, not charity. Invest in our partners because we can show the direct impact. Invest, because who decided that only relates to business? Increased access to resources, human potential, love, innovation and sustainability are all worthy of investment too. Invest because our society is a global one – when change happens anywhere, we all feel the impact.

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Our Lady of Perpetual Support

Kisumu, Kenya

  • 98% viral load suppression to non-detectable levels in OLPS-enrolled HIV patients + 100% success rate in Prevention of Mother-To-Child Treatment Program
  • In charge of Community TB Control and Prevention in 4 different Counties in Kenya
  • A children’s rescue center currently supporting 12 children – 21 Children have now returned to family homes after their relatives were supported with counselling and income-generating activities via an OLPS program.
  • A sustainable farm providing income for the Rescue Center and its programs. It also provides a place for women in the community to come learn agricultural techniques they can apply in their kitchen gardens.
  • A tailoring shop providing jobs for people in the community.
  • 451 students being supported through secondary school.
Shown here: Anastasia Juma and Erick Aluru, Founder and Director and Programs Manager

Budondo Intercultural Center

Budondo, Uganda

  • 100% of operational costs covered by local income sources.
  • 13,767 people accessing quality health care at Suubi Health Centre, including 224 safe births.
  • 265 households in BIC’s Population Health and Environment Program, which builds self-empowerment at home.
  • 59 motorbikes currently in circulation in a rent-to-own model, which provides entrepreneurial income.
Shown here: Topista and Sophie Mukisa. Mother and daughter, founder and Board Member, and Suubi Women at Budondo Intercultural Centre

St Timothy’s School

Newlands, Tanzania

  • 100% operational costs covered, with profit reinvested in new projects creating locally generated income.
  • 548 students provided with quality education.
  • 153 students supported with stable living arrangements.
  • Bicycles provided to girls who walk long distances to secondary schools in the community, in an effort to lower drop-out rates.
  • Flexible school fee system to give working parents more pathways to success.
  • Successful tutoring program for standard 7 students in the surrounding community looking to pass their secondary school entry exams.
Shown here: Madam Beatrice and Pastor James, co-founders of St Timothy’s School, Newlands Tanzania

Riley Orton Foundation

Obunga and Obambo, Kenya

  • 106 girls receive an education.
  • 34 girls provided safe housing.
  • 60 community members developing business plans and accessing seed funding at Maendeleo Hub.
  • 90 girls participating in a sports program that builds relationships with the wider community and allows them to learn skills in sports, cooperation, teamwork, confidence and more.
  • Regularly distributing school uniforms and bicycles to other schools in the community.
  • The “Sustainakility” Program connects classroom learning with real life experience and a healthy environment.
Shown here: David and Sheila Omondi, Co-Founder and Trainer and Program Coordinator with their daughter Alyssa

At Mama Hope we work closely with each of our partners every day, we know them well, we know our community-led model works and we are proud of the work we do together. We want you to be a part of that and feel confident in doing so. If you have a question about our work, or you want to know more about one of our incredible partners, shout out, email! More conversation in this space is always welcomed!