Media Partnerships

Media Partnerships Part of our mission as an organization is to amplify the voices of our partner communities. Our high-impact media programs are inspired and envisioned by our partners; we share them in order to bring their ideas to global audiences. Through video projects, long form articles, photo essays and infographics, we seek to break barriers — and together, we’re shifting perceptions, shedding broken patterns of awareness, and practicing radical compassion. Ultimately, this work will create stronger global connections. Thanks to constant on-the-ground access, deep knowledge of the impacted areas, and long-term, trusting relationships, we’re able to capture stories and insights that go far beyond the expected. MAMA HOPE can bring your media organization an intimate connection to the people and stories that matter. Our voice is confident and purposeful because our message and vision are clear. We want the world to connect more deeply and more honestly than ever before because we believe that, through this new level of trust, we will finally bring an end to extreme poverty. If you’re interested in helping build this movement — to change perceptions and foster global awakening, please contact us to start a conversation. Please also learn more about some of our current media programs: Stop the Pity & Media Residency Content Sharing Conscious Comms Training Artist Residency Documentaries Cobranded Projects Click to view stories created in partnership with Global Citizen.

University Partnerships

University Partnerships MAMA HOPE connects students to global communities through exciting learning and exchange programs   Campus Recruiting Our Global Advocate program is a perfect opportunity for recent undergrads & graduate students who are looking to put their learning into practice. Youthful energy and an open mindset are key for success as a Global Advocate. We are currently seeking opportunities to connect with students — through live and virtual campus events and publications. Contact us to start a conversation today! Speaking Opportunities MAMA HOPE Founder & CEO Nyla Rodgers has over 15 years experience leading social impact programs around the globe. She holds a BA in Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara, and a Masters in Peace & Conflict Transformation from the European University of Peace Studies. Contact us to arrange a speaking engagement with Nyla. Class Sponsorships Create an international program for your students that goes beyond a semester abroad. Our Global Advocate model provides the perfect framework to align your advanced degree program — whether it’s in engineering, energy, education, child development, health, finance/business, or media — with communities that need your talented students. Contact us to inquire about Global Advocate class sponsorship opportunities. Degree Program Partnerships As an extension to our Curriculum Sharing program, we also engage with colleges and universities to provide semester-long, for-credit programs. Coursework typically falls within international relations, international development, cultural programs, or African studies programs. Inquire today about custom curriculum development opportunities. Curriculum Sharing MAMA HOPE has partnered with colleges and universities to provide curriculum in the areas of: human centered design, global development, international program management, fundraising, and international relations. Contact us for more information.

Brand Partnerships

Brand Partnerships MAMA HOPE is honored to have the opportunity to work with for-impact organizations that are driven first and foremost by a vision to improve conditions for people around the globe. For these brands, profit benefits people through shared purpose. For them the ‘triple bottom line’ is not just a buzzword, but the foundation for prosperity for all. Magatte, the incredible founder of Tiossan, has formulated her luxe, spa-quality product line using the traditional ingredients from her native Senegal. Magatte’s vision is to uplift women through beauty and self-sufficiency; and in support of that, she is generously giving 50% of profits from her skin care line to sustainable MAMA HOPE projects. Become a Partner in Change Sponsor a Class of Global Advocates MAMA HOPE is shaping the next generation of social entrepreneurs, through our game-changing 9-month fellowship program. A $100,000 corporate investment means $200,000 will go directly to community-led projects, thanks to Global Advocate fundraising efforts. Our highly skilled and motivated teams are in demand, and your investment will help to directly impact nearly 300,000 people by 2018. Sponsor a Global Advocate Bootcamp Our Global Advocate Fellowship program begins each spring and fall with a 1-week retreat in the U.S., where all participants gather for introductions and training. This is a great opportunity to connect with social entrepreneurs as the begin this life-changing program, and to help ground their initiatives through an introduction to your local organization’s mission. If you have a place that can hold 10 – 20 people, please contact us. Become a Change Agency Our newest giving program, called Change Agents, asks individuals to give 1% of their salary to support the emergence of communities around the globe. Change Agencies are companies that have decided to lead change by doing the same — while also inspiring their employees to be a force for good. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can partner for change. Media & Content Partnerships Join MAMA HOPE in giving a voice to people around globe through our media partnerships. Our goal is to create greater awareness and connection through our respectful, human-centered approach to working with our in-country partners. Our Stop the Pity campaign has gone viral, and our Media Residency program is creating exciting and powerful contect. Contact us or Learn more. Women in Leadership Symposium Join us at our first conference featuring past Global Advocates, where we take on the issues and opportunities that the program has raised for its female participants. We’ll look at how their impact has continued in developing communities, and how their work can be furthered in their home communities. We’re currently seeking sponsors and speakers for this Fall 2016 event. Contact us for details.

NGO Partnerships

NGO Partnerships ACCELERATE FUNDING, IMPACT &   REACH FOR YOUR NGO Every NGO has a core set of strengths and areas of focus. But what if those skills don’t align with a community’s needs? Does the relationship wane for a period of months or years? What if building your NGO started with building relationships, and the projects and needs were met by you or your close partners? It’s a radical approach, and we invite you to join us in reshaping the global development sector — starting from the ground up.   Global Advocates Our uniquely trained Global Advocates bring funding and human centered development skills to your NGO. Advocates offer on-the-ground expertise, so you can focus on fundraising and awareness programs. Program Opportunities As a part of the Coalition for Collective Impact, you will have access to other organizations with shared and complementary interests — from fundraising to resources and educational programs. Executive Global Advocates Have you been hoping for a way to grow your organization? Are you wondering how to solve bigger challenges facing your communities? Take part in our executive program for nonprofit founders. PROJECT ASSURANCE + BROADER DONOR BASE = MORE LIVES TRANSFORMED READ ABOUT HOW OUR NGO PARTNER GLORIOUS BECAME 50% SUSTAINABLE IN JUST 1 YEAR THANKS TO MAMA HOPE GLOBAL ADVOCATES. More About Glorious

Community Partnerships

Grassroots Community Partnerships A Social, Spiritual & Organizational Foundation Community-led Organizations (CLOs) are at the core of our work because they form the foundation for social, environmental and spiritual prosperity in their own communities. Our CLO partners — which we also call our grassroots partners — originate from and function within existing social networks, and are typically led by one or two respected individuals. CLOs work to meet locally identified needs, and as such, are perfectly positioned to make sustainable social change.   Because CLO leaders are deeply connected to their communities, they are able to identify and mobilize them in a way that outsiders would easily overlook. MAMA HOPE’s CLO partners are doing transformational, frontline work in each of their pockets of the world — from ensuring that people have enough food to eat and water to drink, to transforming unsustainable farming methods, to educating adults and children, to ensuring access to quality health care. How MAMA HOPE Partners With CLOs MAMA HOPE acts as a third-party consulting organization to CLOs. Sometimes communities contact us directly, seeking our support in their growth; sometimes we are connected through our existing on-the-ground network. Our partnership is organized around completion of projects, and includes a signed statement of work where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. This negotiation and codified approach is an important piece of self-determination and respect that protects both parties. Once we have aligned on a partnership agreement and project objectives, through our Community-led Partnerhships program, MAMA HOPE supports communities with adaptive programmatic support in area like strategic planning, financial and operational planning, communications and marketing, fundraising and monitoring and evaluation. MAMA HOPE also provides flexible funding to kick start our CLO's initiatives. Ghana United Hearts Children's Center Guatemala Sotz'il Jay Tejiendo Futuros Kenya OLPS Riley Orton Foundation Tropical Focus for Rural Development Tanzania Queen Elizabeth Academy St. Timothy’s White Orange Youth Nguzo Women and Youth Foundation Boresha Jamii Uganda Budondo Intercultural Center