Madaraka Festival Fundraises for Localization Development

Tuesday 21st March 2023, MAMA HOPE partners with the Madaraka Festival US Tour 2023 to raise $275k in support of 2 East African-based music programs for the next four (4) years.

In 2022, the team at MAMA HOPE  felt that it was still necessary to continue investing in community-led development. Over the years, 2.5M people have been provided with access to services globally. Currently, 41.5% of our partners sustain their operational costs through local resources. 

While we are extremely proud of the work we’re doing alongside our partners – we felt the need to redefine our why. Our soul-searching led us to build the foundations of a new era of localization within the global development sector.

Introducing Our New Program

We’re excited to announce MAMA HOPE’s Localization Development Accelerator (LDA) Program. Excited because the program maintains our commitment to community-led development. It also aims to scale successful locally-driven models that partners build into other communities.

Through the LDA Program, MAMA HOPE invests in early-stage Community-led Organizations (CLOs). The program grants partners up to $30,000 annually based on a needs assessment of the organization over 4 years. During that time, we capacity strengthen the organization, team, leadership, programs, and projects.

New Community-led Partners

In June 2023, two new partners – One Vibe Africa and Simba’s Footprints will come on board. Both organizations are running free music programs within their communities.

One Vibe Africa’s Education Music & Arts Program (EMAP) started in 2013. EMAP has engaged over 500 youth engaged, providing positive alternatives. The program ​​creates job opportunities for youth, providing a safe space to collaborate, share ideas and experiences. EMAP preserves culture by teaching youth traditional music and stories within the community.

In 2018, Simba’s Community Center’s Music Program is fulfilling a need for free and accessible music education. They equipped the music studio through partnering with Asali Project. Two local artists are teaching children 10-23 years music lesson three (3) days a week. Students play at community events, farmers markets and other performance opportunities in the Moshi, Tanzania area. It provides a safe space to be creative, and opens career doors for students unable to complete formal education. 

We’re excited to onboard these two (2) partners. As we believe their initiatives will be successfully strengthened. As well as scale them across the continent for the betterment of many more vulnerable children & youth.


In celebration of African culture, the Madaraka Festival will be taking place across the United States from May 2023. Sauti Sol, Eddy Kenzo, King Kaka, Draze, Anthony Cole, among other artists; will showcase their talents to audiences in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Seattle.

The Madaraka Festival US Tour 2023

The event organizers are dedicating part of the ticket proceeds to MAMA HOPE’s fundraising target among other initiatives. When you buy your concert ticket you are supporting One Vibe Africa and Simba’s Footprint to take part in our 4-year LDA Program. If you are unable to attend, go ahead and donate what you can.

Our aim is to share their free music models across the world over the next four (4) years and beyond.


For more information on MAMA HOPE’s Localization Development Accelerator (LDA) Program contact Vincent Mwangi –

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