Training & Consulting Services

We envision a future where nonprofits work hand in hand in service of communities. We promote a vision where organizations see global communities as partners and equals. To these ends, we have three different partnership engagement levels. We’re also open to your ideas! Contact us with your thoughts on how we can collaborate.

Our partner Kilines with Global Advocate Aika
at our 3rd Annual Sustainability Conference in Tanzania

Nonprofit Consulting & Partnerships

For nonprofits looking to build a progressive, human-centered organization, we offer 3 engagement levels of partnership. Build capacity, ensure quality and consistency, or expand your impact by joining forces not just with MAMA HOPE, but with our network of like-minded organizations. MAMA HOPE facilitates conversation and connection; together can we change the sector.

Custom Online or In-Person Training Topics

We also offer online and in-person trainings for nonprofits, corporations, and educational organizations looking to build awareness of issues related to global development, racial justice, and effective nonprofit management.

  • Nonprofit Executive Leadership
  • Stop the Pity: Unlock the Potential
  • Finding Your Why
  • Sustainability / Impact Evaluation
  • International Development Curriculum Design
  • Crowdfunding / Fundraising