The Story of MAMA HOPE

Founder Nyla Rodgers finds hope after her mother’s death — when visiting the community in Kenya that her mother had called family.


Founder Nyla Rodgers finds hope after her mother’s death — when she finds the community in Kenya that her mother called family.

In 2006, Founding Director Nyla Rodgers flew to Kenya just two weeks after losing her mother, Stephanie, to cancer. Arriving in Kenya, Nyla was astonished when she was greeted by hundreds of villagers her mother had been helping by funding small local projects and enterprises. Nyla also met the young Kenyan orphan Bernard, whom her mother had supported for many years, and whom she had come to know through letters and photographs.

Inspired by her mother’s impact, Nyla began partnering with local organizations to identify specific resource needs in the communities, and she found investors to help create sustainable prosperity, building everything from schools to women’s microfinance programs. In her mother’s light, Nyla formally organized MAMA HOPE in 2008.

As MAMA HOPE grew, Nyla continued to meet many young women, and like her mother, they were passionate about making an impact in their local communities and in communities around the world — but were unsure of how to get started. The Global Advocate Program was conceived to share knowledge and experience with emerging female social entrepreneurs and partner them with communities where they can truly make an impact.

All MAMA HOPE community projects are aimed at 100% sustainability and relate to one of ten focus sectors which are: Women & Girls, Water & Sanitation, Healthcare, Food Security, Green Energy, Housing, Education, Childcare, Local Jobs, and Microfinance. For community stakeholders, MAMA HOPE projects stimulate local economies, generate sustainable incomes, inspire and empower entrepreneurship, and foster self-sufficiency.