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Jane Body
Maïli Gasakure

Jane Body

Communications Lead

Jane is responsible for creating informative and ethical content for our communications and supporter engagement. She works to understand our supporter network and develop strategies that connect them with Mama Hope’s mission. Jane is also responsible for developing and implementing strategy around the cross continental nature of the Global Advocate Program to ensure it is increasingly accessible to advocates in every country that Mama Hope and its partners work. She works to strengthen relationships between advocate counterparts, and partners and advocates in alignment with community-led development.

Maïli Gasakure

Fundraising Lead

Maïli is the fundraising lead at Mama Hope. She nurtures Mama Hope’s partnerships and searches for new, ethical funding opportunities for Mama Hope’s global partners. Maïli also works jointly with the Mama Hope team to create ideas and strategies aligned with Mama Hope’s long-term mission. She is committed to providing a voice to Mama Hope’s partners so they can continue to disrupt the intrinsic obstacle that is neocolonialism, while driving the development of their communities.

Denis Muwanguzi
Vincent Mwangi

Denis Muwanguzi

Evaluation and Learning Lead

Denis is responsible for the design, implementation and quality assurance of Mama Hope’s monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy. He leads the development and implementation of Mama Hope’s M&E system. He acts as a support to all of Mama Hope partners in designing their own unique context based M&E systems for their organizations.

Vincent Mwangi

Community-Led Partnerships Lead

Vincent works alongside Mama Hope’s Community-Led partners across Africa to build strategic plans and goal-setting. Through regular calls and visits, he helps ensure that Mama Hope has partner priorities at the heart of its activities. He also connects Mama Hope to the world through stories as told by the organization’s Community-Led partners. He also works alongside the Finance & Operations Lead to review budgets and communicate to partners. Vincent also seeks to facilitate knowledge exchange amongst partners and build connections with other organizations that can grow their work.

Nyla Rodgers

Nyla Rodgers

Founder and Business Development Lead

Nyla is the Founder and Business Development Lead. She is responsible for connecting Mama Hope to new funding opportunities and partnerships. Nyla also works with the Mama Hope team to develop ideas and strategies on how to build stronger partnerships and opportunities for Mama Hope partners globally. She also provides guidance and support to each program circle in order to nurture Mama Hope’s long term vision.

Margot Hinchey

Operations and Finance Lead

Margot facilitates org-wide strategic planning and builds consistency & alignment across the organization. In working towards organizational resilience, Margot oversees and contributes to the implementation of the organization’s financial and operational health activities. She is also responsible for the financial tracking, communication and disbursement of funds to Mama Hope’s partners.

Extended Family

Erin Brown, Bookkeper

Davin Mayoshi, Board Chairman

Camey Medina, Assistant

Vera Nash, Assistant

Katie Twomey, Advisor


Akili Girls’ School / Riley Orton Foundation

Boresha Jamii

Budondo Intercultural Center (BIC) / Suubi Health Center

Nguzo Women and Youth Foundation

Our Lady of Perpetual Support (OLPS)

Queen Elizabeth Academy

Sotz’il Jay

St. Timothy’s (Tanzania Children’s Concern)

Tejiendo Futuros

Tropical Focus for Rural Development

United Hearts Children’s Center (UHCC)

White Orange Youth (WOY)