Providing A Home, Education & Opportunity

Alice Matthew has made a commitment to transform the lives of children in her home in Tanzania — providing not just shelter, but a home — built with love, hope, faith and excellence. She takes in children left abused and neglected from poverty and the HIV/AIDs epidemic, and gives them an opportunity to grow into healthy, self-reliant community members. In addition to providing full life-giving support to these children, she is an incredible business woman, looking to build sustainable programs to help fund this project long term.


A Message from Alice, the Visionary Leader of Glorious Orphan Care

My name is Alice Matthew and I am the director of Glorious Orphans Care in Arusha, Tanzania. I work alongside my husband Julius, the 23 teachers that we employ, the cooks, and all of the various workers who keep Glorious going. We work together to bring up the children in our care — orphans, children who do not have a safe or stable home situation, and those living with HIV/Aids. We provide them with and education and food. Some of them live in our home for children, where they receive love, care, and direction.  

I do this work because I believe that every child has basic rights — to have an education, to be free from having to roam the streets, to be free from the risk of contracting transmittable diseases, to be free from the risk of getting involved in recreational drugs; to have clothes to wear, good access to health services, education, and overall, to have the chance to achieve the dreams they have for their own life.

I began as a volunteer with Care International, and during my time working with them, I saw that there were many parents dying here in Arusha, leaving children behind who would suffer in many ways. Even if their living parent remarried, they were often treated poorly by their new family. This realisation moved me to start a nursery, to reduce, at least by half a day, the time that these children had to spend in these difficult situations and to give them an education. This nursery grew into what Glorious is today, and it continues to grow and grow.

We currently have 279  children attending the school, with just 129 paying fees. 150 children attend the school who otherwise would not be able to access this education. There are 9 classes: Baby Class, Middle, Nursery, then primary 1 – 6. There are typically 20 – 30 students per class, and our max is 35. We also have a new school bus, that has created another stream of income, with fee-paying students covering the pick-up and drop-off services.

We are looking to build a new classroom block at our new campus after completing our security wall. This is a huge priority for us, as next year we need to add an extra class of children, and currently do not have enough classrooms for them. We are growing!

We are looking to build a sustainable future using income-generating initiatives such as a fee structure in which wealthy families pay school fees for those who could not afford them. Our jewellery business, school shop, farming, and livestock projects will also contribute to our income.

My vision for Glorious is to provide the children of Arusha access to quality education, so that they may build a self-reliant life — and also, for our organization to grow sustainably. With local income, comes local ownership and decision making. Support from outside should be support in the form of partnership, where we combine our strengths in equality to improve things in this community.

We are so happy to have had a chance to work with Hannah, Katie and the Global Advocates in helping to build towards our goals.