One more week in Africa and HUGE new goal!

August 13th, 2012

The people of Chiga come together to celebrate and get clean water on the opening day of the Chiga Water project in Kisumu, Kenya. (©Sarah Rice, 2012)

We are writing you from Kenya because today we made the most wonderful discovery and could not wait to share it with you! The story behind it all… Today we sat with Anastasia Juma, Director of our partner organization OLPS, and she told us how happy the OLPS staff were to see the launching of the Chiga water project yesterday. We told her we were also excited to know that over 10,000 people would immediately have access to CLEAN water. The borehole, located at Mama Hope’s food security garden, Rita Rose Garden, would providewater for year round farming, producing food even during the dry seasons. Anastasia nodded in agreement and then launched into a story that amazed us. She sighed, took her glasses off and then said “You know, that is very good, but do your donors know where all this is leading?” She told us the garden was not only feeding the 100+ caregivers who manage the garden and their household of 9-11 (total about 990 people), but that the garden also feeds thousands of others in the community.

She goes on to explain how the surplus vegetables are given to the OLPS nutrition program which feeds an average of 400 people who are extremely malnourished or HIV positive and need proper nutrition to take anti retro-vial medication. The  is also distributed through an OVC program (Orphans and Vunerable Children) where they give food to 784 children currrently sponsored. On top of that, they sell surplus vegetable at the market which generates enough revenu to buy necessary items such as cooking oil, blankets, shoes, etc.. which they distribute to the sickly and poor families in the surrounding five communities.

What does this discovery mean?

Clean water truly is life. People now can be free of waterborne diseases and are able to spend less time fetching and more time learning/doing business… but it’s impact is so much more than just that! Anastasia’s story shows that the ripple effect is exponential.

The caregivers harvesting corn in the Rita Rose garden. (©Sarah Rice, 2012)

What we want do now…

We have a borehole that is feeding this one garden, but what if we could bring water to 5 gardens or 10 gardens? Then thousands more people would be fed.  The good news is WE CAN! Our borehole pumps over 10,000 liters per hour. More than enough water for all the people in the surrounding villages.  All we need are the pipes to run water to the five surrounding communities. Then eventually those communities can have their own water kiosk and food security gardens.  Now allowing us to impact 30,000 people.

How you can help?!?

We have one week left in Africa and we have decided we are going out with a bang… with your help of course. We are not satisfied with bringing water to this one community, we want to bring access to the water to five additional communities! Our goal is to raise $10,000 this week for the piping. We have the engineer and laborers ready, all we need is the funding.

Chiga community members get water from their new water system. (©Sarah Rice, 2012)

Donate $20 right now and bring water and food security to thousands more people! If you are inspired please forward this to your friends so they can have an opportunity to make an impact. All we need is 500 people to donate $20 each and we can reach our goal!


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