East Africa Global Advocates are part of a new generation of social entrepreneurs with a vision for change in their own region. Their energy is in demand and we are looking to harness it and grow it.

East Africa is bursting with young minds, looking to improve the lives of their own communities in innovative ways. After the huge success of it’s Global Advocate Program,

Mama Hope has now adapted its unique model to train East African social entrepreneurs. These passionate individuals take part in an immersive training, being placed with the visionary leaders of Mama Hope’s partner organizations in the region, where they are together developing impactful programs that will enable both the advocates and communities to thrive.

Each advocate spends a year with one of Mama Hope’s Community Based Organizations, developing programs and providing support to grow the impact of their work. Throughout the year, the advocates take part in trainings as well a making visits to other impactful organizations around East Africa to grow their knowledge and help them become more effective community leaders.

“I always knew that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my community, but I never had a clear idea about how to effectively do it. Now, because of this program, and the things that I have learnt, I know what I have to do”. — James Kirima

“When you educate a girl, you are lifting up families, communities and nations.” — Mercy Mushi

The East Africa Global Advocate Program Accelerates Careers

Designed specifically for residents of East Africa, this program helps provide practical skills and on-the-ground experience for the leaders of tomorrow. During the training program, participants  have access to MAMA HOPE’s global network of change makers, all with deep experience in the region and in human centered development.
We’re looking for people with vision, self-motivation and a proven dedication to their community to join in creating a future we can all be proud of. Are you ready for the chance of a lifetime? Contact us for more information about 2017-2018 opportunities.

“I would do this work no matter what I was paid. My aim is that girls — girls like me when I was young — should never have to miss a day of school because of their period.” — Aika Nkya