2017 Program Costs & Expectations Per Advocate

MAMA HOPE goes the extra mile to make your experience as a Global Advocate a truly life-changing and exceptional opportunity. In return we have high expectations of our Advocates for completing projects and fundraising. Funds raised by Global Advocates directly impact the wellbeing of partner communities, and so we take it very seriously. If you have questions about costs, or would like to inquire about our extremely limited number of scholarships, please contact

ORIENTATION (Location To Be Announced)
Required in-person attendance, 5 days. Time off regular employment required.

Room & Board MAMA HOPE
Tuition & Class MAMA HOPE

MONTHS 1-4 (Advocate Works At Home; Remote Learning)
4 Hours weekly online classroom sessions and meetings. Estimated 10-20 hours per week homework, marketing, and fundraising. Dedicated individuals are able to hold a full time job while participating in this training program during off hours.

Tuition & Class MAMA HOPE
Advocate Fundraising Requirement Advocate*

MONTHS 4-8 (Advocate Works In Country on Project)
3-4 Month sabbatical required. Contact us with questions about time required for completion. Advocates are required to complete 75% fundraising prior to departure for in-country portion of the program.

Room & Board MAMA HOPE
Incidentals, Immunizations, Travel Insurance (required) Advocate
Additional Recreational Travel Advocate

MONTH 9 (Advocate Followup & Career Transition)
Weekly mentorship with Global Advocate staff to define future goals and build a strategy; and also to prepare a final impact report. This phase is to be done at the Advocate’s home and full time work is absolutely manageable.

Reporting Wrapup Costs No Costs

* Advocate Fundraising Requirement


MAMA HOPE Matching Fundraising


For many of our applicants, their enrollment marks the time they will have needed to raise funds at this level. Our curriculum program helps build the skills and tactics required to mobilize communities around a meaningful goal. These skills will last a lifetime for future entrepreneurs.