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I have always held a strong belief that everyone should have access to proper healthcare. Regardless of your background, your socioeconomic status, or your beliefs, healthcare is a right. Now, I finally have the opportunity to turn my passion into action, and am embarking on an amazing experience as a Global Advocate Fellow with Mama Hope. Given my interest in public health, I’ll be working on an extremely special project for the girls– forming partnerships with other NGOs and health service providers to facilitate HIV/AIDS testing, regular checkups and medications, and putting in place a healthcare plan for the future of Akili. The funding going towards Akili will be used to furnish some classrooms at the new school, buy an energy-friendly stove (as wood fuel can be incredibly dangerous to health as well as expensive), and the construction of a volunteer house next to the school! Akili already has many sustainability projects running, but these will ensure the stability and prosperity of the girls and the school for many generations to come. 

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