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I believe in a world in which everyone can live with dignity. I believe in love-driven people. I believe everyone deserves a right to education. I believe we are better together. I believe in living with a wide open heart. Growing up in a large family, love was an abundant resource. I always had someone to play with, someone to laugh with, someone to cheer me on, and someone to hug me. However, it wasn’t until I was older, making my way into adulthood, that I realized that there were people who lived without love. From this realization, I was left with a question: what do we do in the absence of love? I believe we need to create it.In my current position as a Global Advocate with Mama Hope, I will be working at the Queen Elizabeth Academy in Mlali, Tanzania from May to August. QEA was founded by a woman named Kilines Sekwiha, who saw a lack of educational opportunity in her town and wanted to change that. Kili, like me, believes that everyone deserves a right to education.