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My name is Morgan DeLuce. I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area into a wonderful and overwhelmingly large extended family whom I love very much. I attended Boston College where I fell in love with sociology and service and uncovered my passion for travel and international development after spending 5 months in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a Global Advocate Fellow with Mama Hope, an incredible organization that I’ve followed since I was 15 (you may remember me selling t-shirts back in the day). Mama Hope is changing the way we do international development, turning the model on its head to implement eye-level, community led projects that give a voice to those who are actually impacted by the work. The potential to overcome poverty is already in the hands, heads, and hearts of those afflicted. All we need to do is listen and connect the resources and human capital. In September, I’ll be traveling to Njabini, Kenya to work with Flying Kites, an innovative boarding school for children that goes beyond bowls of rice and basic curriculum. Flying Kites is a family and a leadership academy. The children are given all of the love and opportunity that they need to ignite their own potential to lead change and pull themselves out of poverty. Extra curricular classes, sports, social support, counseling, leadership training, and professional development all work hand in hand to change the lives of children in profound ways. Over the next 3 months and while I’m in the field, I will be implementing a comprehensive sexual education curriculum, completing impact measurements, and sharing the stories of the community to change the conversation around poverty in Africa.

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