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Education is one of the most powerful resources a child can be given. A quality, long-lasting education is one of the main contributing factors to the wealth, health & happiness of a community and it’s people. I was fortunate enough to receive a quality education throughout my formative years and into my adulthood and have seen it’s effects in my own life and those of my peers. As I’ve grown and explored parts of the world I’d never seen before, I’ve begun to notice the inability to receive the kind of education I was given in communities throughout the world. As I began to understand it’s power and far reaching effects from poverty to health, I became interested in what role I might be capable of playing in it’s advancement.

This year I’ve been given the opportunity to learn more about the power of education in communities affected by poverty by working with the individuals who created The United Hearts School in Bawjiase, a small rural community in Ghana. Starting from underneath a small shade structure, Elisha & Marta Asamoah and Bernard Boateng have turned the obstacle of low quality and inaccessible education into an opportunity to cultivate the future leaders of their community. For the past 10 years they have recognized the needs in their community and created actions to meet them from building an orphanage to house 25 local children in need to building a primary and secondary school to accommodate over 300 students.