I have always intrinsically believed that all humans are equal, and the first time I remember ever standing up for others was in a middle school history class. During an argument about the newly begun Iraq war, one of classmates exclaimed that we should “Kill them all,” something I suspect a lot of us heard around that time. I knew what I heard was wrong, and I tried to defend the rights of these people who I had never met in front of a class filled with my peers. After class, my teacher took me aside and gave me advice I will never forget. He said “You can’t make people care, but that doesn’t mean you should stop caring.”

From this day sprung a lifetime of caring, and I know that providing access to quality education is essential to ensuring each human’s equal rights.

At the heart of that equality lies access to education. Through education, people can unlock their full potential. The children of Bwajiase, Ghana deserve that ability. My goal of $20,000 will allow United Hearts Children’s Center to finish their school, doubling the number of students they can serve from 200 to 400.

100% of any donation will go directly to the community and assist in this endeavor, and it is entirely tax deductible. If you cannot make a donation at this time, feel free to contact me at iajones2@outlook.com and we can explore other ways you can assist.

Thank you so much for your generosity!