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I have been so lucky to grow up in a community full of people who have access to the resources they need to grow food. Agriculture plays a crucial role in my hometown of Lucknow, and I believe that, if they have the resources, people can transform their lives and communities with the power of food.

Right now, I have an incredible opportunity to put this belief into action. I am currently working in Kisumu, Kenya as a Global Advocate with the non-profit organization Mama Hope. I am learning so much from the brilliant community leaders Erick, the coordinator at the Rita Rose Garden and Sustainable Farm, and Anastasia, the founder of the Kisumu Children’s Rescue Center, as we work together to turn their vision of a safe and nurturing space for the most vulnerable children in their community into a reality through sustainable agriculture.

Our Lady of Perpetual Support, the organization that established the Rescue Center, believes that “by providing a safe and empowering home to those who have little guidance and opportunity, they can become productive, healthy, and confident contributors to the community.” The farm is crucial in fulfilling this vision. It provides the children with the food that will help them heal and grow and will one day supply the funding necessary to make the Rescue Center self-sufficient. For more details, visit my blog!

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